Gentleness, Courtesy, Benevolence,

Righteousness, Integrity, Etiquette and Wisdom

溫良恭儉讓 ,仁義禮智信

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Hui Hui Cultural Association of Singapore was formed in 2019 by a group of enthusiastic local Chinese passionate about their cultural heritage and determined to serve the community.

They come from varied educational and social background from ordinary members of the our society, community leaders, businessmen, assatizah to professionals. Amongst them are workers, lawyers, architects, teachers, lecturers, assatizah, artists, businessmen and others.

Determined to serve the Hui Hui community, the leaders seek to adopt an inclusive approach in the context of Chinese Community of various religious background in multi-racial Singapore.









Hui Muslim |Culture|

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The islamic calendar which is a lunar calendar that has 12 months or 354 days in each year instead of 365 days in the Gregorian calendar. It is 11 days shorter than the Gregorian calendar.

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We invite you to be a member of Hui Hui Cultural Association and join us as Ordinary or Associate Members.

If you are a Chinese-Muslim reverts, then consider joining us as a Life Membership.

The three categories of membership are:

Life Membership
Ordinary Membership
Associate Membership

^ Student to apply under Ordinary Membership box. Students are referred as under Secondary, Tertiary & Polytechnic.
* Associate and ^Student members do not have voting rights at the Annual General Meeting

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News | Articles|

Chinese Muslims wrap halal rice dumplings to promote Chinese culture

The fragrant, oily but not greasy zongzi is the favorite of the Chinese, but for Chinese Muslims in Singapore, it is very difficult to find halal and delicious zongzi.


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Eid-ul Fitri celebration

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Halal in China

In Chinese, halal food is translated as Qingzhen cai. It is easily found in most major cities because of the large Muslim population in China.

Muslim restaurants & eateries are

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