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Hui Hui Cultural Association of Singapore was formed in 2019 by a group of enthusiastic local Chinese, passionate about their cultural heritage and determined to serve the community.

We come from varied educational and social background from ordinary members of the our society, community leaders, businessmen, assatizah to professionals. Amongst them are workers, lawyers, architects, teachers, lecturers, assatizah, artists, businessmen and others.

Determined to serve the Hui Hui community, the leaders seek to adopt an inclusive approach in the context of Chinese Community of various religious background in multi-racial Singapore.

The objective of Hui Hui is to revive and preserve the rich heritage of traditional Chinese culture which is slowly being forgotten among our younger generation. This encompasses food, costumes, songs, dance, and many other aspects of livelihood, like, celebrating Chinese New Year, Lantern festival or Chap Goh Mei with sweet dumplings, and Mid-Autumn Mooncake festival. The spirit of inclusivity will be the open approach to invite people of all ethnic communities and walks of life, to participate in our celebrations. We also aim to promote social harmony, by integrating families of mixed marriages between Chinese and other races during our festive celebrations. This will lead to a better and greater appreciation of both cultures, thus resulting in happy marriages and life’s greater fulfilment!

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To promote Chinese cultural traditions and practices among local-born and new Chinese Muslim converts/ reverts,
to create awareness of their rich culture and heritage, and inspire them to be confident Muslims that contribute to society while retaining their Chinese cultural identity


To strive towards maintaining Chinese Cultural Arts and traditions among Chinese Muslims in Singapore.

To Promote and strengthen harmonious ties with communities of different faiths through various intercultural programs and activities

We are aspired to uphold a common set values as follows:Integrity action with honesty and openness.
Upholding truthfulness and altruism in character and behavior.
Respect for one another regardless of social status and faiths