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Gentle, courteous benevolence, righteousness, etiquette, wisdom, and integrity
溫良恭儉讓 仁義禮智信 念禮齋課朝
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All you have to do is to start, and then you will succeed.
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About |Us|

Hui Hui Cultural Association of Singapore was formed in 2019 by a group of enthusiastic local Chinese passionate about their cultural heritage and determined to serve the community.

They come from varied educational and social background from ordinary members of the our society, community leaders, businessmen, assatizah to professionals. Amongst them are workers, lawyers, architects, teachers, lecturers, assatizah, artists, businessmen and others.

Determined to serve the Hui Hui community, the leaders seek to adopt an inclusive approach in the context of Chinese Community of various religious background in multi-racial Singapore.









Hui Muslim |Culture|

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Events of | Hui Cultural|

We follow the Islamic calendar, which is a lunar calendar that has 12 months and 354 days in each year. This makes our years 11 days shorter than our Gregorian calendar and so have to wait less time between festivals!

Keen to know more?

Join us for a life-long exploration and journey.

Join |Membership|

Gain insight about the history, cultural and heritage of Chinese Muslims.

Life Membership

Borned-Chinese Muslims &
Chinese-Muslim reverts Only
Hui Hui Cultural Association of Singapore Life Membership


Ordinary Membership

Chinese Muslims Only
Hui Hui Cultural Association of Singapore Ordinary Membership


Associate Membership

Non-Chinese Muslim & Non-Muslim Only
Hui Hui Cultural Association of Singapore Associate Membership


News | Articles|

Halal in China

In Chinese, halal food is translated as Qingzhen cai. It is easily found in most major cities because of the large Muslim population in China.

Muslim restaurants & eateries are

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Introduction of Islam into China!

According to the historical records in China, “Da Shi” (Arabia) was already known to the Chinese during the rule of the Han dynasty when China opened trade into the West

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Celebrating Chinese New Year in Singapore

Malay-Chinese Muslim Celebrates Chinese New Year. Chinese muslim celebrate chinese new year

Sakinah Rafiq Tan Hui Ling, 28, sometimes feels like “a platypus of the human race”. She can

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