The Inception of Hui Hui Cultural Association of Singapore (HHCAS)

In 2019, our late Bro Jaafar Mah, a dedicated and earnest Chinese Muslim by birth, through his many years of dealing with the Muslim community in Singapore observed that many new Chinese reverts were encountering issues about cultural & Islamic practices with their non-Muslim Chinese family members and Muslim in-laws. Hence this led to his vision and mission of setting up an association to assist in resolving those impending issues. 

Together with a group of fervent local Chinese Muslims who are zealous about preserving their cultural heritage while being Muslims, Bro. Jaafar initiated and founded the association.

After many discussions on the appropriate name to represent us, the name “Hui Hui Cultural Association of Singapore” was finally agreed upon unanimously.

Brother Jafaar Mah with Minister Maliki Osman & patron of Hui Hui Imam Hassan Al-Atas together with committee members of HHCA

The objective of Hui Hui is to revive and preserve the rich heritage of traditional Chinese culture which is slowly being forgotten among our younger generation. This encompasses food, costumes, songs, dance, and many other aspects of livelihood, like, celebrating Chinese New Year, Lantern festival or Chap Goh Mei with sweet dumplings, and Mid-Autumn Mooncake festival. The spirit of inclusivity will be the open approach to invite people of all ethnic communities and walks of life, to participate in our celebrations. We also aim to promote social harmony, by integrating families of mixed marriages between Chinese and other races during our festive celebrations. This will lead to a better and greater appreciation of both cultures, thus resulting in happy marriages and life’s greater fulfilment!

Why Hui Hui?

In China, Muslims are collectively referred to as the Hui. The Association is named Hui Hui because it is a group belonging to ethnic Chinese Muslims, and in Singapore, Chinese Muslims are a minority.

The word Hui 回 in Chinese means Return. So in a metaphorical sense Man while on earth ultimately  has to return  to his Creator  who has blessed us with our faith, Islam. {SUBMISSION TO His will).

So far, Huihui Cultural Association has organised most of the traditional Chinese activities for our members, such as Mid-Autumn Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, Winter Solstice Festival, Chinese New Year. 

We also work with local mosques to promote harmony in our multi-ethnic, multi-religious society. 

The Singapore Hui Hui Cultural Association is moving forward under the leadership of our new President, Sister Kartinah Poh, committed to carrying on the wishes of her late husband, our brother Jaafar Mah.

OBJECTIVE of Huihui Cultural Association

To revive and preserve the rich heritage and traditional Chinese culture and be a pillar of support for new Chinese Muslim Converts/ reverts who may know little about Islam and how it can beautifully coexist with their heritage and culture. 


To promote social harmony, peace, and understanding of Islam through events and gatherings by integrating families of mixed marriages between Chinese and other ethnicities during Islamic and Chinese festivities and provide support and guidance to new Chinese Muslim converts/ reverts.



  1. To promote Chinese cultural traditions and practices among local-born and new Chinese Muslim converts/ reverts,
  2. To create awareness of their rich culture and heritage, and inspire them to be confident Muslims that contribute to society while retaining their Chinese cultural identity.


  1. 在新加坡的华人穆斯林中努力推广和维护中华文化艺术和 传统
  2. 通过各种跨文化计划和活动,促进和加强社区中不同信仰 之间的和谐关系


  1. 我们立志坚持以下共同的价值观:采用诚实,坦诚的 态度,在品格和行为上坚持诚信和利他主义。
  2. Upholding truthfulness and altruism in character and behavior.
  3. 相互尊重,无论其社会地位和信仰如何。
Bro Jafaar Mah with Imam Habib Hassan Al-Atas

Mah’s Family Biography

Mohd Salleh Mah Soo Lan 马 苏蓝 was of 回族Hui descent.

He was the only son of very strict Hui parents  born and brought up in Shanghai.

In Memoriam

Memoriam Eulogies for Bro Jaafah Mah

Bro Jaafar Mah was one of the pioneers of Muslim Converts Association Singapore (MCAS) He served the association as a Council Member from 1991 to 1995, in his capacity as one of the registrars for conversion, coaching converts in Islamic practices.